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Sukhothai Sunset Food Trail by Bicycle

Explore Sukhothai’s tranquil countryside and rustic villages on two wheels at twilight. Then savor the delicacies of Sukhothai’s best local eateries. We will travel into rice paddy fields to hear the sounds of nature and watch farmers at work, then deep into a village where you can experience local traditions […]

1,260 THB
2+ people

Sawankalok Art & Food Tour

Explore Sawankhalok, a charming riverside historical village of Sukhothai province, on foot. Savor on delicious local dishes prepared by multi-generations family restaurants. Sawankhalok became a major port town and commercial hub of the Sukhothai Kingdom (1238 – 1438 CE) thanks to some Chinese merchants who made Sawankhalok home. Strolling in […]

2,310 THB
2+ people

Ancient Sukhothai Dessert Hopping

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you’ll enjoy this lovely dessert making class. Explore three types of Sukhothai traditional desserts rarely seen these days. These desserts have names with auspicious meanings, and are presented in traditional Thai auspicious ceremonies. They also convey local philosophy and beliefs. Khanom Si […]

1,650 THB
2+ people

Cook and Eat with Auntie Naa

Learn to make a few Thai dishes with Miss Na in her cozy home set in a lovely garden. Miss Na is a sweet Sukhothai-born lady. She is a talented chef who follows traditional Sukhothai recipes passed down for generations, as well as inventing her own. Miss Na loves to […]

1,120 THB
2+ people
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The Sunrise Eat with Khun Fon

Explore Sukhothai people’s morning routines and their Buddhist ways of life in the Breakfast with Miss Fon program. Miss Fon, your host, is a lovely Sukhothai-born lady and an amazing cook. Start your day at sunrise by joining Miss Fon at a morning alms offering on the wooden bridge of […]

1,260 THB
2+ people

Historic Sukhothai Food Tour by Local Truck

Explore the magnificent ancient ruins of Sukhothai Historical Park and savor delicious local delicacies at restaurants that only local know about. Throughout this exciting food and sightseeing journey, you will ride in our chartered Rod Kok Moo, colorful modified Isuzu truck with wooden roof, which actually serves as a local […]

2,520 THB
2+ people