Historic Sukhothai Food Tour by Local Truck


Tour Provided by DASTA
Tour Type
Day Tours
Tour Theme
Food Tours
8.30AM - 1PM
1.10PM - 5.15PM
Group Size
2+ people
This tour starts and ends in Sukhothai

Explore the magnificent ancient ruins of Sukhothai Historical Park and savor delicious local delicacies at restaurants that only local know about. Throughout this exciting food and sightseeing journey, you will ride in our chartered Rod Kok Moo, colorful modified Isuzu truck with wooden roof, which actually serves as a local public transportation. Sukhothai, a very early Thai kingdom, dates 700 years back, and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Historical Park. You will learn about the kingdom’s history in a nutshell and visit the park’s highlighted sites including Wat Chang Lom, a temple complex with the beautiful pagoda surrounded by elephant statues.

En-route, you will learn about Sangkhalok ceramic ware, the main export product of the kingdom, and paint the Sangkhalok pattern on a pot that you can take home! On the chow side, lines-up are Sukhothai’s celebrated dishes like home-recipe noodles and homemade fruit ice cream. At one point, you will picnic on a temple ground. You can’t get more local than this!


  • Visit the most beautiful sites in Sukhothai History Park and learn about the kingdom's history in a nutshell.
  • Savor delicious delicacies available only in Sukhothai e.g. colored Thai rice noodle served with curries and fresh vegetables
  • (the color comes from different kinds of herbs), Sukhothai's ancient recipe noodle, and fruit-flavor ice-cream. You can even try the Durian-flavor!
  • Picnic in a serene garden of a temple. Sitting on the ground, you will enjoy a few types of local assortments such as soup, fried vegetables, and fried meat. The assortments coming in a traditional food container are to be eaten with warm steamed rice.
  • Learn the ancient art of Sukhothai ceramic ware making. Paint one that you can take home.


* The morning tour and the afternoon tour have the same program. The afternoon tour starts at 1.10PM and finishes at 5.15PM.

  • 8.30AM
    Pick up at your accommodation by Rod Kok Moo.
  • 8.40AM - 9.10AM
    Enjoy colored Thai rice noodle served with curries and fresh vegetables.
  • 9.20AM – 10AM
    Savor delicious Sukhothai's original recipe noodle whose chewy noodle and full-flavored soup is much sought for.
  • 10.10AM – 10.40AM
    Learn how the locals make Sukhothai ceramic ware. Paint one that you can take home.
  • 10.50AM – 11.20AM
    Picnic and dine in a serene garden of Wat Trapang Tong Temple.
  • 11.30AM – 11.20AM
    Visit the beautiful Wat Chang Lorm Temple.
  • 11.50AM – 12.50PM
    Kill the day's heat with a homemade ice cream and iced cold drinks. Sweet Rice Cafe is all about Thai fruits, be it ice cream, juice or shakes.
  • 1PM
    Drop off at your accommodation.

What's included?

  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation
  • Friendly licensed English speaking tour guide
  • All food and drinks mentioned in the program

What's not included?

  • Gratuity (Tips) is not included in price.


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2,520 THB

for adult
Booking must be made 2 days in advance.


Food Tours

2,520 THB per person
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