After Midnight Street Food, Night Market & Bangkok’s Old City Tour by Tuk Tuk


Tour Provided by FoodPerience
Tour Type
Night Tours
Tour Theme
Food Tour
1am – 5.40am
Every night except Sunday nights (Monday mornings)
Group Size
2-8 (join-in tour)
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • A dress code applies (see detail)

Bangkok is too hot? There is too much traffic? We feel you! Have you ever wondered what happens in Bangkok after midnight, after everything is closed and streets are empty? Rather than resting in a hotel, take advantage of these golden hours to explore Bangkok’s Old City’s street food scene and experience local people’s nightly activities unique to the neighborhood. Time to put on your Vampire cape, get on the Batmobile, and roam Bangkok with Tour Guide Ron! (The cape is not included. Wear it at your own risk as some superstitious Thais might mistake you for a real vampire. And the Batmobile is really not a Batmobile, it’s a Tuk Tuk!)

We will visit 2 markets, one is a knickknack night market in Chinatown where you can buy souvenirs in a bunch at wholesale prices to take home. The other is Bangkok’s biggest flower market. We will be there to see the market at its peak hours when it is most busy and bustling. Here we will buy some fruits and flowers to use as offerings to monks later on. After the market, we will cruise Bangkok’s Old City. Let’s see how fast our Tuk Tuk can go on empty streets! We will pass lots of historical attractions, lit up and super pretty at night. And just before dawn, we go to a Buddhist temple to give monk’s their morning alms, offering them the fruits and flowers we buy earlier. Before the day breaks and city lives begin, our Tuk Tuk will drop you off at your hotel or at Phaya Thai Airport Rail Link station where you can head to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Tour Guide Ron is a food tour guide at Bangkok Food Tours. The funny and heavy guy knows about the best spots to eat in Bangkok. He’s excited to show you perspectives of Bangkok at night never known among average travelers. Even if you have to trade the following day sleeping in, this is definitely worths it. The night will be FUN, cultural, and amazing!


  • Cruising Bangkok's Old City at night on a Tuk Tuk when streets are empty
  • Eat delicious street food and snacks opening at late hours, catering to only local diners
  • Buy souvenirs to take home at wholesale prices
  • Visit the colorful night flower market at its best time, when it is busiest
  • Offering morning alms to Buddhist monks


At 1am, meet Tour Guide Ron at Samyan Mitrtown shopping center. Head to a nearby Buddhist temple to donate money to buy coffins for passed homeless people and have some snacks. Next, we go to eat Northeastern Thai hot pot, go to the knickknack wholesale market in Chinatown, and eat sweet roti and coffee or Thai Milk Tea. Then we move to the flower market to buy snacks and flowers to offer to monk's morning alms. We will have another small snack before cruising Bangkok's Old City, passing beautiful attractions like the Grand Palace, the Giant Swing, Loha Prasat Buddhist Temple, and Equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn. We can stop at these places for photos. Our final stop is Wat Benchamabophit where we give morning monk's alms. It will be close to 6AM by this time. Phaya Thai Airport Rail Link station is just nearby, or we can drop you off at your hotel for sleeping in!


2,000 THB for adult

What's included?

  • Hotel drop off
  • The friendly licensed English speaking Tour Guide Ron
  • All meals, drinks, and snacks mentioned in the itinerary
  • Money to donate to buy coffins for passed homeless people
  • Monks alms offerings bought at the flower market

What's not included?

  • Hotel pick up
  • Gratuity

Meeting Point

Meet : Sam Yan Mitr Town
End : your hotel

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2,000 THB for adult
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